the most advanced photocatalytic coating technology


On any surface

Stops spreading of contamination on handrails, handles, etc.


For the highest demands

Eradicates contamination even in the most affected areas



unique spraying technology provides homogenic and invisible structures

vehicles coated
meter handrail and handles coated
sq.m coated
measured hygienic on coated surfaces

The Resysten coating

Our Resysten photocatalytic coating system based on a uniquely developed solution. The system uses light with a catalyst to achieve effective hygienic effects. The coating system, thanks to our recent researches integrates to the host medium in a molecular level therefore it cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods and remains active continuously up to 1 year interval. This two unique property of our system result in a surface which keeps its continuous preventive effect up to 1 year, protecting the users and the environment from contamination. The coating has the expert’s report of the National Public Health Center, the substance is not biocid, not regulated by the 528/2012 EU regulation.

Our Heritage

More than 160 years ago, Ignác Semmelweis, a hungarian doctor recognized the importance of a clean environment in preventing infections before his age. He insisted on regular cleaning of wards and regular hand washing – his intentions were hard to accept, but eventually they brought a worldwide, groundbreaking breakthrough in healthcare.
He is respected by posterity as the “savior of mothers.”

“The most common way of spreading infections such as colds, flu, visceral bacterial infections (diarrhea) is by touching surfaces infected with pathogens.”

(Boone SA, Gerba CP. 2007.
Significance of fomites in the spread of respiratory disease and enteric viral disease.)

All areas and surfaces that people come into contact with and where the formation of a plaque or biofilm layer promoting colonization is possible should be considered critical. With the development of the Resysten coating system, hungarian innovation and knowledge made a new generation of clean surfaces available worldwide. Our solution is based on extensive scientific research, its effectiveness is confirmed by measurement results and official expert opinions.


Recent activities of Resysten Hungary

January-December 2020: As a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic, Resysten was faced with a situation in which, like others, it had not been involved before: the appearance of the virus in Hungary resulted in a major increase in interest in our service.The result: nearly 30,000 m2 of new treated space in 1 month, and several new customers from the corporate sector – some example: Telekom Hungary, METRO Kereskedelmi Kft., VT-Arriva Hungary, Siemens Hungary Zrt., Szerencsejáték Zrt. , Budapest Airport Zrt., Lounge Group, Ivy Technology.

December 2019: As part of the successful introduction of self-cleaning coatings in Hungary, we performed surface treatment of the visible concrete surfaces of Metro line 4. The customer BKV Zrt. and our cleaning partner  also acknowledged the advantages of the trouble-free cleaning process of previously insurmountable contaminants causing serious aesthetic problems.

September-December 2019: Within the framework of the governmental Family-Friendly Obstetrics Program, we created a safe environment for newborns and mothers in several hospitals with treating thousands of m2  with the Resysten-Activa hygiene paints launched in 2019 and our hygienic coating.

September 2019: We treated the entire area of the Markhot Ferenc Hospital in Eger with our durable, hygienic coating on about 4000 m2. With the help of the procedure, the fight against pathogens can be effective in the patient care points as well as in the areas most frequently visited by the staff, continuously ensuring a high level of hygienic environment on the surfaces. During the complex project, for the first time in the world, all surfaces in the Markhot Ferenc Hospital received a long-lasting, photocatalytic protective coating of Resysten, which areas are critical for contact infections point of view.

Summer 2019: The BKV. Zrt. Further expanded the range of treated surfaces: in addition to metro cars, in the summer of 2019 we also provided hygienic coatings to the critical surfaces of the 44 Combino trams running on Budapest lines, thus providing a more hygienic environment for public transport.

April 2019: The surfaces of Ceetrus’ Budapest office is protected with our coating.

January-May 2019: We renovated floors in several BVOP institutions. We made heavy-duty, durable polyurea floors in critical areas and we treated them with hygienic coating.

December 2018: As a responsible and innovative healthcare institution, Felső-Szabolcs Hospital has chosen Resysten’s long-lasting hygienic protective coating to implement our systm system on all critical surfaces of the entire hospital. It also protects the health of healthcare workers.

August 2018: The renovated metro trains of BKV Zrt. also received the hygienic coating. Beside to the rubber handrails of the escalators, the metro cars also provide a hygienic environment for the passengers.

June 2018: Medcity Health Center also opted for the Resysten coating system, we signed a 3-year service contract.

May 2018: We had the great honor on May 11, we had the opportunity to support the infection control and hand hygiene competition organized by the Markhot Ferenc Training Hospital and Clinic in Eger. We consider it our mission to reduce infections, the cleanliness of our environment, and the importance of hand hygiene, so it was a great recognition for us to be able to participate in this event as a professional supporter.

January 2018: We signed a 6-year cooperation agreement with the Sándor Lumniczer Hospital and Clinic in Kapuvár. The Department of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and the Department of Chronic Internal Medicine received hygienic coatings.

December 2017: Our coating system, also proves in the healthcare sector. The Oncology Department of the Children’s Clinic, the Gastroenterology Department of the Buda Merciful Hospital and the Hydrotherapy Department, the Urology Department of the Ferenc Csolnoky Hospital in Veszprém also received long-term protection.

September 2017: We have started the annual renewal of Resyten protective coatings on the Budapest metro lines

June 2017: Resysten enters the world market with a strategic cooperation agreement.

May 2017: Austrian State Railways (OBB) begins long-term testing of Resysten technology

January 2017: Resysten’s representative office in Great Britain opens

News about us


Innovative protection

Its efficiency is controlled, quality assured. Non-polluting, durable coating, which cannot be removed by conventional cleaning process, incorporated into the surfaces at the molecular level.

For the highest demands

Effective against all organic pollution due to its photocatalytic effect, even in the most affected areas, such as hospitals, hotels, spas, public transportation, etc.

Maximum protection

99,99% reduction of contaminations on lab test surfaces (official laboratory certified results)

Immediately usable

It takes an average 3-10 minutes for the Resysten coating to settle and dry on the surface.

For any surface

Applicable on any surface, including wood, glass, plastic, textile, rubber, paper, stone, etc.

VOC reduction

Highly reduces VOC emission (eg.: Ammonia), and NH3, N2O, CO2, CH4 as well.

How does it work?

Light gives the ResystenTM coating photocatalytic properties, which means that light helps neu­tralize harmful substances in the environment.

In the presence of light, the photo-catalytic properties of ResystenTM prevent the contamination and help to have  clean and hygenic surface everywhere. 




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