the most advanced photocatalytic coating technology


On any surface

Stops spreading of contamination on handrails, handles, etc.


For the highest demands

Eradicates contamination even in the most affected areas



unique spraying technology provides homogenic and invisible structures

vehicles coated
meter handrail and handles coated
sq.m coated
measured effectiveness on coated surfaces

The Resysten coating

Our Resysten photocatalytic coating system based on a uniquely developed chemical solution. The system uses light as a catalyst to achieve titanium-dioxides’ hygienic effects. The coating system, thanks to our recent researches integrates to the host medium in a molecular level therefore it cannot be removed by conventional cleaning methods and remains active continuously up to 1 year interval. This two unique property of our system result in a surface which keeps its continuous disinfectant effect up to 1 year, protecting the users and the environment from contamination. The substance is not biocid and not regulated by the 528/2012 EU regulation.


All natural, eco-friendly

The  Resysten® Coating only contains environmentally friendly and natural components

For the highest demands

Eradicates pathogens due to its photocatalytic effect, even in the most affected areas, such as hospitals, hotels, spas, public transportation, etc.

Maximum protection

99,99% reduction of contaminations on lab test surfaces (SGS certified results)

Immediately usable

It takes an average 3-10 minutes for the Resysten coating to settle and dry on the surface.

For any surface

Applicable on any surface, including wood, glass, plastic, textile, rubber, paper, stone, etc.

VOC reduction

Highly reduces VOC emission (eg.: Ammonia), and NH3, N2O, CO2, CH4 as well.

How does it work?

Light gives the ResystenTM coating photocatalytic properties, which means that light helps neu­tralize harmful substances in the environment.

In the presence of light, the photo-catalytic properties of ResystenTM destroys the contamination, begins a reaction with the components which disabling the contamination’s activation, and leads to their destruction and chemical breakdown or mineralization.

The photocatalytic coating is 3x more effective against contaminations than chlorine and 1,5x more powerful than ozone.




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