We experienced enourmous results at every project we’ve done. But one question remained unanswered: how can we be sure that the results directly caused by Resysten coating?

To prove the uncomparable effectiveness of our solution, we set up a unique experiment at Debrecen Public Transport Company: grabbed two identical trams. Same type, same condition, same everything. Defined 9 measuring points at the very same point on both. But after the first (base) ATP measurement, we only coated one tram.

After the coating, the trams were treated identically in every way, got the same ordinary cleaning as usual, and participate in everyday traffic.

3 months later, we repeated the ATP measurement at the same points. The results were more than convincing: the uncoated (control) tram more or less got the same ATP results, while the Resysten  coated tram showed staggering reduction. You can see and compare the results yoursef below.


Please use the slider below, to explore the results.