Debreceni Közlekedési Vállalat Zrt.

In community transport and in the carriage of passengers in the town, DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. (Closed Public Limited Transport Company of Debrecen), as a legal successor, looks back on a history of 125 years.

The basic activities and tasks of DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt. include the management of local community transport in the town with rail-guided vehicles (trams and trolleybuses) and also the operation and maintenance of the required infrastructure. The key goal of our business policy is to satisfy customer needs in daily service and to comply with the timetable requirements stipulated by the Municipality of Debrecen Town of County Rank.

Their services are used by more than 40 million passengers on a yearly basis.

Main goals of the client

The management of the company has set and documented its Services Declaration and also its objectives (integrated objectives) in relation to the creation of a measurable quality, environmental and security management, which includes the permanent observation, understanding and possible satisfaction of varying requirements from our customers and partners.

Their objective is to keep environmental loading at the lowest possible level. To achieve these, they  supervise their activities which exert influences on the environment, they make efforts to cut harmful effects continuously, to prevent environmental pollution and to create a more liveable city environment. Protecting the health of our passengers is of major importance to DKV Zrt!  In order to minimize the risk of infectious diseases and epidemics typical to the winter/spring seasons spreading between passengers, DKV Zrt. will use surface treatment protective provided by RESYSTEN Hungary.

The project:

Protective coating on the interior surfaces of 2 CAF trams:

  • Passenger seats (seat, back-rest, handle)
  • Entire interior surface of doors
  • Available interior surfaces of side windows, entire interior surface of side windows by standing places
  • Entire interior surface of rear window and windscreen
  • Entire surface of cab;
  • All handles
  • All handrails

6-month examination period, once a month on 1 vehicle on 10 contact points of measurement