Looking for the biggest challenges

In the last years we achieved great results in various projects. We are thankful to our clients for supporting our journey to create and deliver the most advanced photocatalytic coating system available.

To prove that our faith in Resysten coating rests on a rock-solid foundation, we are dedicated to apply our solution at the most demanding areas, like the escalator handrails at the Budapest Metro lines, surfaces at high-care food processing units, and so on.

The examination of the tested surfaces resulted in outstanding hygienic values even in the moost demanding environment. It can be clearly seen from the data that using the Resysten coating solution can dramatically reduce the amount of the possibilities of contaminations and infections. Our coating it is not a disinfectant, bicoide, it does not replace the disinfection procedures but complements them.


The toughest challenge

How could the Resysten coating perform on the most crowded and contamined areas?


Head to head challenge

Compare the coated and uncoated trams head to head in real life challenge


The volume challenge

Roll your sleeves up! Can we cover the rolling stock of one complete line just under 24 hours?


measured effectiveness on coated surfaces
sq.m coated in food industry
meter handrail and handles coated
vehicles coated


We are proud to work with some of the most innovative brands: