After several years of research and development, we are absolutely confident in our solution. To prove that, we are not afraid to search for the most demanding challenges worldwide.

The metro lines of Budapest transporting more than one million passengers every day. More than a year ago, we started to coat all handrail of all escalators at the 3 main lines. What makes this project unmatched?

  • as far as we know, this is the only large-scale handrail coating experiment with photocatalytic solution worldwide
  • the Resysten coating must deliver remarkable results in relatively low light conditions
  • the surface of the handrails suffering continous abrasive impact from the driving unit
  • hundreds of thousands passengers increasing the contamination every day

So far, we covered more than

meter handrail and handles alltogether


The Resysten coating exceeded all expectations. At the chart below, you can see the breathtaking results measured 1, 4, and even 8 months after the treatment – without loosing any effectiveness.